Cleaning Tile Grout

Cleaning Tile Grout

Tile floors are beautiful but cleaning tile grout can be a never-ending miserable job.

If you are purchasing a new home with tile floors, having new floors installed or have just finished cleaning tile grout take the time to seal the grout with masonry sealer before anyone walks on the floors. This will greatly increase the time between grout cleanings as the grout won’t absorb new dirt nearly as easily as untreated grout.

As with any heavy cleaning project, start with a small test area somewhere that is as hidden as possible to be sure that you don’t ruin the look of your entire floor.

If you find yourself with dirty grout use a heavy-duty cleaner or a wax stripper and a grout brush for cleaning tile grout. If the grout is white you can also hit really bad spots with a bleaching cleanser. Bleach can fade or even remove color from grout so avoid using any bleaching agent when cleaning colored tile grout.

Take care to restrict the brushing to the grout as some tile surfaces are subject to scratching. Rinse everthing well with clear water to ensure that all cleaning agents are totally removed before applying the masonry sealer.

Follow these tips on cleaning tile grout and you will enjoy long-lasting, beautiful tile floors!

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Clean Venetian Blinds

Clean Venetian Blinds

Before you clean your venetian blinds, check for unusually bad spots. Wipe off all stains and sticky spots with window cleaner and be sure to completely dry those spots if you’re going to use our light cleaning method below.

The best way to keep your venetian blinds clean is to wipe them with a lightly dampened clothes dryer sheet when brand new or immediately after cleaning. That will greatly reduce the static on the blinds that attracts dust. Then schedule a regular light cleaning utilizing the method we will detail below.

Light Cleaning Method:

1. Close the venetian blind slats.

2. Attach the soft brush attachment to your vacuum cleaner. Don’t use other types of attachements as you may scratch the blinds.

3. Grab the blinds with one of your hands to keep it from flopping around during vacuuming.

4. Vacuum blinds from the center to the left and then from the center to the right. This will minimize the amount of dust you drag across the length of the blinds.

5. When you are done with one side of the blinds adjust them so that you can repeat the above procedure on the other side.

Deep Cleaning Method:

Note: Use this method for plastic and metal venetian blinds only. This method could possibly damage wood blinds.

1. Completely lower the blinds and adjust the slats so they are closed.

2. Remove the blinds from the window either using the instruction manual or by getting instructions online. Take a moment to secure any loose parts in a safe place where they won’t get lost.

3. Put the blinds in your clean bathtub, folding it over on itself so that they completely fit in the bottom of the tub. Run warm water into the tub until it completely covers the blinds and add detergent. Dish washing detergent works great, especially on kitchen blinds where they may have become covered with grease. For extremely stubborn dirt you can also add a bit of bleach but don’t overdo that as it could destroy the cord. Also, absolutely make sure you have good ventilation if you use a strong detergents or bleach. Open a window or use a portable fan to bring fresh air into the bathroom. If you feel the least bit weasy, GET OUT of there!

4. Let the blinds soak for at least 30 minutes. If you haven’t added bleach you can even let them soak overnight if necessary. Then scrub them gently with a brush with soft bristles.

5. Drain the soapy, dirty water. Run the shower on the blinds until all of the soap is gone. You will most likely need to move the blinds around a bit to get the soap off that sticks between the slats. If you don’t have a shower in your bathtub pour buckets of clean water over the blinds.

6. Let the blinds drain for 15 minutes or so in the tub so the bulk of the water is gone and then hang them over the side of the bathtub or over anything else that makes sense such as an outdoor railing. Jostle the slats once in a while to allow the water between slats to dry. If you are in a hurry you can blow a portable fan on the blinds or use a hairdryer on the cool setting.

7. Congratulations! You now have clean venetian blinds! Reverse the removal procedure to return them to your window.

Keeping Your Venetian Blinds Clean:

At this point you are probably sick of messing with those blinds but maybe tomorrow you should consider running that damp clothes dryer sheet we mentioned ealier over your blinds so they won’t get dirty again so quickly. You might also want to put our light cleaning method on your calendar so you never have to resort to the heavy cleaning method again.

Use A Safe Cleaning Method:

A short step ladder is a great aid in cleaning venetian blinds. It will reduce muscle strain in your arm and make it less likely that you will get injured in a fall that often results from standing on a chair or some other device not designed to be a ladder. Be careful to not position the step ladder too close to the wall or too far from it as that may make it difficult to maintain your balance.

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