Tampa Bay Cleaning Services is the third company I’ve hired to clean my home. The first two were great for the first time or two and then the service quickly degraded. Things that used to get done stopped being done, they showed up sometimes as late as a couple of hours and the employees even used my cleaning time for making extended personal phone calls. As of my eighth cleaning (so far) Cathy’s crew has been amazing! They actually pick things up to clean under them! The other companies never did that. I’m a very happy puppy! Thanks Cathy!

Jim Walters
New Port Richey

I’m way too busy to clean house. Sure glad I found you guys.

Paris McKinley

I started my salon business three years ago and had been doing all of the cleaning myself to keep my expenses low. Cathy came out and gave me an estimate that seemed too good to be true. My cleaning gets done in about one third of the time it used to take me and I must admit that they actually do a better job than I did. Their efficiency apparently explains how they keep their rates so reasonable. No more sweeping hair for me!

Judy Jackson

Last week I thought I was about to be a bit disappointed when the young woman who typically cleans my home was ill and was replaced by another cleaner. I figured that I would have to spend my valuable time telling her what I wanted done but she had a list with her and did just as good a job as my regular with no need for me to do anything.

M. Cochrane

Great job – No complaints

Luwanda White

I am originally from New Jersey and am one picky guy so I always have something to complain about. Tampa Bay Cleaning Services has pleasantly surprised me. I won’t say that I haven’t had any complaints but they have been minimal and far less than most people I do business with. My offices are always clean. I highly recommend them.

William Hyde

One of my condo rentals was vacated with no notice and trashed. These guys got it in “ready to show” condition on the very same day I called. Good job.

St. Petersburg

The owner actually came and cleaned herself when an employee quit without notice and all of her other employees were booked. Now that’s service.

Beverly Thompson
Tarpon Springs

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