Cleaning Tile Grout

Cleaning Tile Grout

Tile floors are beautiful but cleaning tile grout can be a never-ending miserable job.

If you are purchasing a new home with tile floors, having new floors installed or have just finished cleaning tile grout take the time to seal the grout with masonry sealer before anyone walks on the floors. This will greatly increase the time between grout cleanings as the grout won’t absorb new dirt nearly as easily as untreated grout.

As with any heavy cleaning project, start with a small test area somewhere that is as hidden as possible to be sure that you don’t ruin the look of your entire floor.

If you find yourself with dirty grout use a heavy-duty cleaner or a wax stripper and a grout brush for cleaning tile grout. If the grout is white you can also hit really bad spots with a bleaching cleanser. Bleach can fade or even remove color from grout so avoid using any bleaching agent when cleaning colored tile grout.

Take care to restrict the brushing to the grout as some tile surfaces are subject to scratching. Rinse everthing well with clear water to ensure that all cleaning agents are totally removed before applying the masonry sealer.

Follow these tips on cleaning tile grout and you will enjoy long-lasting, beautiful tile floors!